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Arkos Chair

_MG_2614Initially when I developed the Arkos Chair my concern was the side profile. It had to be sublimely simple. It had to be void of stretchers, brackets and braces and any appearance of metal. Nothing of this design was to imply a  manufactured process. It was to appear as simple as the material, “wood”. You were to admire only curves consistently proportioned through this piece.








For  most seating the structural integrity is visible though processes or materials. The typical designs available were too generic for me. The Arkos Chair is crafted from one oblique curve. Different portions of the curve are used in various parts of the chair. This creates a consistent synergy that is relaxing to the viewers eye.







The front visual profile weight had to be heaviest at the seat, lightening up the visual appearance the higher and lower the viewer admires the Arcus Chair. Intensionally the front and back profiles are opposite to what is viewed from the side. Straight vertical converging lines rather than parallel curving lines, a contrast required to give this piece a personality.