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Dining Chairs

This design was created because of necessity to increase my web sites selection. The selection of chairs available in stores were all to similar. Most dining chairs available did not compliment the human body. I made it a requirement that I offer a traditional format of a dining chair that supports the body correctly. This task is taken seriously starting with providing complimentary curves of the human body incorporated into the design. This design is intended to appear light rather than heavy.

Forming the seat with the same profile as the horizontal member below creates closure in the design and gives the seat the appearance of floating which allows it’s  thin profile to be recognized. At the same time this chair  ergonomically compliments the body of the occupant making  extremely comfortable seating. The Danish Transitional chair is upholstered in 100% wool fabric who’s texture compliments the Mahogany hardwood. Metz Design can work with you to create a custom chair just for you.