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Crawling Out of the Woodwork

Local wood furniture designer, Greg Metz, began making things with wood as a creative pastime. Well-rooted as a creative pastime. Well-rooted in a creative family, Metz grew his pastime into a business and career. Metz has been designing and building furniture for most of the last decade. His company, metzdesign, specializes in elegantly modern wood furniture.

Q & A with VLM

VLM: What are people looking for or requesting these days?

GM: In my experience clients are looking for a contemporary feeling.  Many popular choices are retro designs – incorporating references from another period. People want something unique to them and of high quality.

VLM: What do you see as the designers’ roll, not just in furniture but with the stuff he or she designs in general?

GM: As a designer, I like to see the space in which my furniture will be placed. I want to make sure that the design evolves to compliment the architectural elements. I want my designs to enhance the spaces they occupy, distinguishing their environment while displaying beauty and harmony.

VLM: How often do you get slivers?

GM: I get my share of slivers. They come with the territory. A bigger concern is becoming too complacent around all the machinery in the shop.

VLM: How has wood furniture changed or evolved?

GM: Furniture certainly changes. Every generation seems to tire of the old look and new ideas start coming. Sometimes evolution of design changes happen. This relates to changing needs, lifestyles and new construction methods.

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