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What Greg’s Customers Say

“I have worked with Greg Metz on many projects and have also recommended some of my clients to use his services directly. The results have always been very positive on my direct dealing as well as good reviews from my customers. His attention to detail and the final results of his work have been excellent. ”

Mark Dawson – Owner Cocoon Home Designs

“The cabinet Gret Metz designed for us is being used to store and display artefacts that are of museum quality and require a safe, secure and protected environment. These objects are of great importance to our Squamish Nation history and this is the reason we contacted Mr, Metz to provide a high quality cabinet.

The Squamish Nation is very satisfied and proud of the cabinet, which is is located in the office of Chief Bill Williams, co-chair of Squamish Nation Chiefs & Council. ”

“Thank you for completing my bedroom suite in such a professional way. It is exquisite and everyone who sees it remarks on the fine finish.”

Pat Jacobs

“The cabinet is very simple and classic. The wood has a glow, it is perfectly utilitarian and it’s understated elegance makes it a matter of comment.

The execution in all tecnical respects is (or close to) perfect. The corner details, the chamfer, and the joinery show the care that you put into the piece. Technical accomplishment is always nice to see.

We look forward to having the piece and memories of the artist for many years to come.”

Robert Moffatt, Barrister and Solicitor

“I contacted Greg when my 42 year old table needed restoration ….. he spray coated a crystal clear varnish finish on top and then applied a satin lacquer to the remaining portion of the table. Results were great ! ”Greg’s knowledge and ability to restore this table to the fine quality it was 42 years ago was remarkable. I would recommend Greg to anyone wanting restoration of fine wood furniture”.

Joan Ramsay